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The Dimension of Inter-Professional Practice The WritePass Journal

The Dimension of Inter-Professional Practice Presentation The Dimension of Inter-Professional Practice ) NMC (2008), Code of Conduct, Nursing and Midwifery Council, London Ovretveit, J., Mathias, F., Thomoson, T. eds., (1997). Interprofessional working for wellbeing and social consideration. Hampshire: Macmillan Press Limited. Pollard, K., (2005). Interprofessional Working: an Essential Guide for Health and Social-Care Professionals; England, Nelson Thrones Limited. Roper, Logan and Tierney (1996), Whithead (2000) Education, conduct change and social brain research: Nursing’s commitment to wellbeing advancement. Diary of Advanced Nursing, 34(6), 822-832 Whitehead D, (2001) Applying community oriented practice to wellbeing advancement. Nursing Standards. 15(20):33-7. Catalog General Social Care Council, (2006). Code of Practice For Social Workers and Employers. London: GSCC. Golightley, M., (2008). Social Work and Mental Health People. Learning Matters. Barker. P., (2009).â Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing: The Craft of Caring. second ed. London. Hodder Arnold. Taylor. C., Lillis. C., Lemone. P., (2001). Basics of Nursing: The workmanship and Science of Nursing Care, fourth edn, Lippincott, Philadelphia. Thompson I., Melia K., Boyd K., (2000).â Nursing Ethics, London, Churchill Livingstone

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Traveling to New Places Essay Example For Students

Making a trip to New Places Essay At the point when I was two my folks took me to a toy store; we were on a day trip. I can by one way or another despite everything recall the store and the scaffold we crossed to get to it. (I’m from Cape Cod, Massachusetts so it was either the Bourne or Sagamore Bridge. ) right up 'til the present time I feel the fervor of a little child when pondering my father taking the teddy bear off the rack for me. I adored that teddy bear, Beary, more than anything. I turned out to be so appended to it that it got inconceivable for me to rest without Beary in my arms each night. We will compose a custom article on Traveling to New Places explicitly for you for just $16.38 $13.9/page Request now At the point when my father took Beary off the rack in the toy store he was shiny new. His hide was a glossy, delicate, nectar shading. The Teddy Bear’s eyes were earthy colored (plastic) with dark understudies. There was a red strip tied around his neck in a bow. I had my mother cut it off however. At the point when I pressed him, he resembled a cushioned pad. His paws were overwhelming and loaded up with modest little dot like things. The hooks were set apart by four lines on each foot. The bear’s nose was hard plastic, which was canvassed in delicate velvet. As a young lady I cherished voyaging and finding new places to investigate; particularly day trips. During the day I was free and nothing could stop me. I would return home and rest in my own bed yet being uninformed was the most alarming circumstance for me to be in as a youngster. At the point when I was heading to sleep and it was dull that was an alternate story. Beary was consistently there to give me certainty. Sooner or later I imagined that Beary fended off beasts while I was dozing. This made it extremely simple to head to sleep. In the event that I was resting at a relative’s house or an inn, however, it was alarming. There were new frightening clamors that possibly appeared to be perceptible when the lights were off. I would press Beary firmly and stow away under my spreads. After a short time the dread would vanish on the grounds that I realized that Beary was going to protect me. The entirety of this astounded my folks once in a while in light of the fact that I was generally so courageous during the day. Around evening time however, I was unable to rest without Beary and was too terrified to even consider opening my eyes except if the entryway was open a break. Beary not just fended off the beasts in obscurity, yet battled with my tears also. I was more independent and socially develop than my companions. I made some hard memories identifying with a great deal of the young ladies that needed to play imagine at break in fifth grade. I would need to play tag or go on the swings. (One would feel this would have prevented me from fearing the dim and the â€Å"monsters† that accompany it. ) Because of this there were just a couple of young men and young ladies that I viewed as great companions. Having a couple of companions never truly irritated me until it came time to host a birthday get-together. I constantly needed to host a lavish gathering with huge amounts of companions. I arranged everything except for when it came time to compose the solicitations my mother could just think of 5, 6, or 7 children. At the point when you consider it that appears to be a great deal of vitality in one room however to me it was weak. This would trigger the tears. My mother would go get Beary off my bed and the three of us would take a stroll on the sea shore, or on the off chance that it was unreasonably cold for that we would go to the Hot Chocolate Sparrow to get a treat and, obviously, hot cocoa. .u89368f4c20b9e88f75d2585f7af5d0b2 , .u89368f4c20b9e88f75d2585f7af5d0b2 .postImageUrl , .u89368f4c20b9e88f75d2585f7af5d0b2 .focused content region { min-tallness: 80px; position: relative; } .u89368f4c20b9e88f75d2585f7af5d0b2 , .u89368f4c20b9e88f75d2585f7af5d0b2:hover , .u89368f4c20b9e88f75d2585f7af5d0b2:visited , .u89368f4c20b9e88f75d2585f7af5d0b2:active { border:0!important; } .u89368f4c20b9e88f75d2585f7af5d0b2 .clearfix:after { content: ; show: table; clear: both; } .u89368f4c20b9e88f75d2585f7af5d0b2 { show: square; progress: foundation shading 250ms; webkit-change: foundation shading 250ms; width: 100%; haziness: 1; progress: darkness 250ms; webkit-progress: obscurity 250ms; foundation shading: #95A5A6; } .u89368f4c20b9e88f75d2585f7af5d0b2:active , .u89368f4c20b9e88f75d2585f7af5d0b2:hover { murkiness: 1; progress: mistiness 250ms; webkit-change: murkiness 250ms; foundation shading: #2C3E50; } .u89368f4c20b9e88f75d2585f7af5d0b2 .focused content territory { width: 100%; position: r elative; } .u89368f4c20b9e88f75d2585f7af5d0b2 .ctaText { fringe base: 0 strong #fff; shading: #2980B9; text dimension: 16px; textual style weight: intense; edge: 0; cushioning: 0; content beautification: underline; } .u89368f4c20b9e88f75d2585f7af5d0b2 .postTitle { shading: #FFFFFF; text dimension: 16px; text style weight: 600; edge: 0; cushioning: 0; width: 100%; } .u89368f4c20b9e88f75d2585f7af5d0b2 .ctaButton { foundation shading: #7F8C8D!important; shading: #2980B9; outskirt: none; fringe sweep: 3px; box-shadow: none; text dimension: 14px; textual style weight: striking; line-stature: 26px; moz-outskirt range: 3px; content adjust: focus; content embellishment: none; content shadow: none; width: 80px; min-stature: 80px; foundation: url( arrow.png)no-rehash; position: outright; right: 0; top: 0; } .u89368f4c20b9e88f75d2585f7af5d0b2:hover .ctaButton { foundation shading: #34495E!import ant; } .u89368f4c20b9e88f75d2585f7af5d0b2 .focused content { show: table; stature: 80px; cushioning left: 18px; top: 0; } .u89368f4c20b9e88f75d2585f7af5d0b2-content { show: table-cell; edge: 0; cushioning: 0; cushioning right: 108px; position: relative; vertical-adjust: center; width: 100%; } .u89368f4c20b9e88f75d2585f7af5d0b2:after { content: ; show: square; clear: both; } READ: Human nature Argumentative EssayOnce, at eight years of age, I went out and didn't understand until my mother was tucking me into my covers. I had never left him anyplace. I was distressed to such an extent that my mother needed to drive right from Harwich to Yarmouth and back again to go get him. I had never dozed without him and didn't anticipate hitting the sack without him that night. As I entered my grouchy â€Å"independent† center school years I didn't give a lot of consideration to my maturing Teddy Bear. I despite everything laid down with him yet it was to a greater extent a propensity than all else. His hide was currently canvassed in small amounts of build up from being washed so often. I disregarded him all through all of center school since I was a young person and was unreasonably cool for that. I could rest over other peoples’ houses and leave Beary at home. In any event, when we would take some time off. I understood that there were no beasts and it was just the breeze that was blowing outside. Typically guardians take objects that way and store them away and their kids in the end disregard them. My mom never took Beary away on the grounds that she realized that one day I would require him again. That opportunity arrived when my â€Å"boyfriend† said a final farewell to me going into secondary school. As you can envision it was loaded with high school show and tears. This is the point at which my mother snatched my Teddy Bear off of my bed and helped me to remember how the three of us would take strolls and get hot cocoa when I got steamed as a little child. She did this to give me a rude awakening, I think. It worked in light of the fact that I quit crying and laid down with him that night like I once did. I was remaining up past the point of no return in secondary school to consider discovering Beary in my sheets while floundering into bed. Schoolwork, horseback riding, and investing energy with companions expended me as those four years flew by. Each once in for some time I would get up in the first part of the day and he would be directly close to me. I would simply give him a grin and go on with my day. My mother’s companion has a young lady that tenderly plays with him when she comes over however other than that he would wait at the leader of my bed. The late spring after I moved on from secondary school was loaded with experiences. Excursions to Nantucket, going to shows, and grounding the vessel on Monomoy Island involved my time for two months. Between all that I gradually began stashing things into boxes to bring to school. The vast majority of the things that I brought were fresh out of the box new. The prior night I left for school my father inquired as to whether I would carry Beary with me and I really didn't have the foggiest idea about the appropriate response. I considered it throughout the night. My mother came into my room and reminded me how much that Teddy Bear and I had experienced together. How might I leave him at home? He was a piece of me. Presently, at school, Beary is on the best in class in my wardrobe. On the off chance that I ever get forlorn, frightened, or tragic he will consistently be there for me.

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5 Latin American Women Authors to Read Right Now

5 Latin American Women Authors to Read Right Now It’s no surprise that Latin American women authors have had to deal with the same obstacles as their North American counterparts: structural barriers in the industry, institutional erasure, your run-of-the-mill sexism. Nevertheless, they persisted, and recent years have seen a crop of celebrated female writers pushing the boundaries of the region’s literary production. Here is a list of some of the fierce ladies that are making their mark. Rita Indiana The chameleonic Indiana could easily be one of the unforgettable characters in her novels: eclectic writer, alternative musician, gay icon, a fixture of the Dominican underground scene. Her work is a mixture of gritty realism and science fiction, usually blurring the relationship between the two, and explores such themes as the constraints of gender, the politics of violence, and the construction of memory via pop culture. What to read: Papi, a novel about a young child who awaits her beloved father’s return to the Dominican Republic only to discover that he is a ruthless drug dealer when he finally does come back. Claudia Salazar Jiménez The Peruvian author, critic and scholar has been publishing short stories and editing anthologies for years before finding critical acclaim with her first novel, Blood of the Dawn, which received the prestigious Las Americas Prize in 2014. What to read: Blood of  the Dawn is one of the few Peruvian novels that focuses on women’s experiences during the Shining Path period. Interweaving the tales of three different characters a photojournalist, an indigenous wife, and a Shining Path member the narrative experiments with language to provide a fragmented depiction of a turbulent time. Valeria Luiselli Luiselli is a writer’s writer, the kind of author that plays to her reader’s highest intelligence and is rife with intertextual references. Lauded for her stylistic risks, she’s received awards from pretty much every newsworthy publication and was the second Mexican Novelist to ever be a finalist for a National Book Critics Circle Award. What to read: Though Luiselli’s fiction should not be missed, I am most excited about her upcoming book, Tell Me How it Ends. This collection of essays was inspired by the writer’s volunteer work as in interpreter for Latin American child migrants in the United States. Samanta Schweblin Born in Buenos Aires, though currently living in Berlin, Schweblin is known in her native country as one of the most buzzed-about young authors. Her short stories and novels tend to center on family dramas, a dynamic that Schweblin considers rife with loss and emotional ruptures. What to read: Her novel Fever Dream is an unsettling and slightly surreal book, constructed entirely through the dialogue of two characters: Amanda, who is convalescing in a hospital bed from a strange illness, and David, a young boy who is searching for answers about his past. Guadalupe Nettel Incredibly prolific, the Mexican writer has published everything from short stories and chronicles, to memoirs and novels. Her work explores the relationship human beings have with their own corporal nature and the uncanny possibilities of the mundane. For Nettel, the natural world can both illuminate and disrupt our own interior lives. What to read: Natural Histories, a collection of short stories that has a tinge of the fantastic and the grotesque in each narrative. Who are your favorite Latin American women authors? This post is part of our International Women’s Day celebration. See all the posts here. Also In This Story Stream To Reach The Farthest Sea Double Erasure: Latin American Women Writers 5 Books by Queer Women Books for the Jewish Feminist Welcome to International Womens Day 2017 at Book Riot Must-Read Black Feminist Literature Romance Without Feminism is No Longer an Option Flaunt Your Lady Love, Book Fetish Style Feminist Middle Grade Books Madonna and the Madwoman: On the Women of Jose Rizals Classic Noli Me Tangere 5 Women of Color Who Are Changing The World For The Better Fiction That Breaks Sexist and Racist Stereotypes On Writing as a Woman 4 French Feminist Writers Celebrating Women View all international women's day 2017 posts-->

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Social Pressure For Cis White Straight Males - 884 Words

MOGAI people are underrepresented in Computer Science and Computer engineering due to many of the same reasons why women are underrepresented: the amount of social pressure for cis-white-straight-conservative-males (CWSCMs) to go into STEM and for those not CWSCMs to pursue more â€Å"fitting† positions and fields; the amount of â€Å"brogrammer,† â€Å"brogamer,† misogyny, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia, and â€Å"straight male† dominance in STEM and tech fields and culture; and finally the amount of inequitable barriers to STEM and tech fields. This is entirely unethical and needs to be changed greatly to improve STEM and tech fields, along with giving equity to MOGAI individuals and the community. In addition, many argue that these demands would be â€Å"special† or â€Å"extra† rights, which is inaccurate as this assumes the actions needed to boost non-CWSCM people to equitable positions would cause an inequitable situation for CWSCM s. Discussion A 2015 report of â€Å"Queer in STEM: Workplace Experiences Reported in a National Survey of LGBTQA Individuals in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Careersâ€Å" found the data gathered â€Å"suggests a broader phenomenon of gendered culture in STEM workplaces — in fields with fewer women, the climate may be less comfortable for anyone who fails to conform to a straight male gender presentation.â€Å" This supports the argument that the STEM community actively wards off anyone that is MOGAI from participation or inclusion. Furthermore, â€Å"a lack ofShow MoreRelatedThe Song, All About That Bass1800 Words   |  8 Pageshow the song’s themes represent common (cis)heteronormative, Eurocentric, and fat oppressive tropes that construct the â€Å"idealized† fat woman. Using â€Å"All About That Bass† as an entry point, I will analyze how â€Å"body positive† media perpetuates a â€Å"white feminist† ideology of who is included and targeted in their messages. For this analysis, I will look at three key themes embedded within the song’s lyrics and music video. First, I will discuss the song’s (cis)heteronormative basis for its â€Å"body positivityRead MoreUnderstanding And Combat Weight Bias9848 Words   |  40 PagesAngeles Please do not quote or cite without permission Author Note: This research was supported by National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowships (Lick, Hunger) as well as a Clara Mayo Grant from the Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues (Lick). Correspondence should be addressed to David Lick, UCLA Department of Psychology, 1285 Franz Hall, Box 951563, Los Angeles, CA 90095-1563 or via email to Abstract Weight bias is among the most pernicious forms ofRead MoreDomestic Dogs3705 Words   |  15 Pagesdomestic dog is generally used for both domesticated and feral varieties. The dog has been the first animal to be domesticated[4] and has been the most widely kept working, hunting, and pet animal in human history. The word dog may also mean the male of a canine species,[5] as opposed to the word bitch for the female of the species. MtDNA evidence shows an evolutionary split between the modern dogs lineage and the modern wolfs lineage around 100,000 years ago but, as of 2013, the oldest fossilRead MoreComprehensive 1 Essay18452 Words   |  74 Pagesï » ¿Comprehensive 1 1. 1.ID: 310949498 A male client who lives in an area endemic with Lyme disease asks the nurse what to do if he thinks he may have been exposed. Which response should the nurse provide? A.   Cover the ticks with oil to suffocate and kill them to prevent transmission. B.   Look for early signs of a lesion that increases in size with a red border, clear center.  Correct C.   See a healthcare provider if nausea, vomiting, and joint pain occur after a tick bite. D.   Obtain early treatmentRead MoreSexually Transmitted Diseases35655 Words   |  143 Pages | cubic meter | m ³ |    |    |    | Speed, velocity | meter per second | m/s |    |    |    | | kilometer per hour | km/h | 1 km/h | = | 0.278 m/s | Density | kilogram per cubic meter | kg/m ³ |    |    |    | Force | Newton | N |    |    |    | Pressure, stress | Kilopascal | kPa |    |    |    | Power | Watt | W |    |    |    | | Kilowatt | kW | 1 kW | = | 1000 W | Energy | Kilojoule | kJ |    |    |    | | Megajoule | MJ | 1 MJ | = | 1000 kJ | | kilowatt hour | kW ·h | 1 kW ·h | = | 3.6 MJRead More_x000C_Introduction to Statistics and Data Analysis355457 Words   |  1422 Pagesdeception rather than for positive ends. However, we believe that statistical methods, used intelligently, offer a set of powerful tools for gaining insight into the world around us. Statistical methods are used in business, medicine, agriculture, social sciences, natural sciences, and applied sciences, such as engineering. The widespread use of statistical analyses in diverse ï ¬ elds has led to increased recognition that statistical literacy—a familiarity with the goals and methods of statistics—shouldRead MoreQuality Improvement328284 Words   |  1314 Pagesthese tools is illustrated in Fig. 1.3, which presents a process as a system with a set of inputs and an output. In the case of a manufacturing process, the controllable input factors x1, x2, . . . , xp are process variable such as temperatures, pressures, feed rates, and other process variables. The inputs z1, z2, . . . , zq are uncontrollable (or difficult to control) inputs, such as environmental factors or properties of raw materials provided by an external supplier. The production process transformsRead MoreManagement Course: Mba−10 General Management215330 Words   |  862 Pagesworld? How can companies renew and sustain those factors in the face of the business slowdowns and major fluctuations that challenge the longterm continuation of profitable earnings? As we continue to experience the twenty-first century’s economic, social, and political churning, how will these driving factors be influenced by the brutally competitive global economy in which organizations do not have any particular geographic identity or travel under any particular national passport? What will be theRead MoreCommon Induction Standards Essay22388 Words   |  90 PagesCommon Induction Standards (Adult Social Care) Manager’s Guide This workbook has been updated and reviewed with funding from Skills for Care Berkshire, led by Berkshire Care Association in partnership with representatives from: Reading Borough Council, Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead, Wokingham Borough Council, Bracknell Forest Council, West Berkshire Council and Bracknell Wokingham College September 2009 TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction Standard 1 – Understanding The Principles ofRead MoreStrategic Marketing Management337596 Words   |  1351 Pages4.7 4.8 4.9 4.10 Learning objectives Introduction: the changing business environment (or the new marketing reality) Analysing the environment The nature of the marketing environment The evolution of environmental analysis The political, economic, social and technological environments Coming to terms with the industry and market breakpoints Coming to terms with the very different future: the implications for marketing planning Approaches to environmental analysis and scanning Summary 5 Approaches

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Ella Fitzgerald Essay examples - 614 Words

Ella Fitzgerald To some, Ella Fitzgerald had a hard life from the moment she was born. To others, Ella had it made. Ella Fitzgerald was born April 25th 1917 in Virginia. Soon afterwards, her parents separated and Ella followed her mother to Yonkers, New York. Ella was barely a teenager when her mother died. While still coping with this tragedy, Ella found herself failing school and having frequent run-ins with the police. She was also abused by her caretakers while in the custody of a reform school. At age 15 Ella ran away from school along with the horrible memories of that time. Somehow she managed to support herself through the Great Depression, a feat that is most commendable. Ella found her†¦show more content†¦Ellas voice had a sweetness to it that was rarely accompanied by such a wide range as hers. Her style has been described as effortless, natural, flexible, ageless and accessible. Many call her The First Lady of Song. She started as a swing singer, moved to bebop, perfected scat and jazz and could sing modern or classic songs. Artists whose songs she stylized included Louis Armstrong, Cole Porter, Johnny Mercer, Irving Berlin, Duke Ellington and the Gershwins. Throughout her life she collaborated on more than 250 albums, sold more than 40 million of those albums and won 13 Grammy awards. Her influence soon spread throughout the musical circuit and her singing style was much imitated in the 1950s and 1960s. Ellas trademark of scat singing (a technique in which the singer improvises as an instrument would and uses nonsense syllables) was taken up by many male and female jazz vocalists. Sarah Vaughn, Billie Holiday and the modern day Joss Stone all show signs of Ellas influence. Ella is also credited with inspiring the great Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennet and Mel Torme to some extent. Although Ellas influence through style is great, perhaps her greatest achievement can be noticed in her career as a whole. Ella Fitzgerald was an influential woman with many followers around the world, of all races, religions and nationalities. In many ways she opened theShow MoreRelatedElla Fitzgerald Essay656 Words   |  3 PagesElla Fitzgerald Singer. Born April 25, 1917, in Newport News, Virginia. (Though many biographical sources give her birth date as 1918, her birth certificate and school records show her to have been born a year earlier.) Often referred to as the first lady of song, Fitzgerald enjoyed a career that stretched over six decades. With her lucid intonation and a range of three octaves, she became the preeminent jazz singer of her generation, recording over 2,000 songs, selling over 40 million albumsRead MoreElla Fitzgerald Biography Essay1454 Words   |  6 PagesBiography Dubbed The First Lady of Song, Ella Fitzgerald was the most popular female jazz singer in the United States for more than half a century. In her lifetime, she won 13 Grammy awards and sold over 40 million albums. Her voice was flexible, wide-ranging, accurate and ageless. She could sing sultry ballads, sweet jazz and imitate every instrument in an orchestra. She worked with all the jazz greats, from Duke Ellington, Count Basie and Nat King Cole, to Frank Sinatra, Dizzy Gillespie andRead More Ella Fitzgerald - The Gold Collection Essay example513 Words   |  3 PagesElla Fitzgerald - The Gold Collection The overall illusion of Ella Fitzgerald’s The Gold Collection album is a reflection of the trials and tribulations of love. The collection consists of many tracks that have passionate lyrical value, that the words instantly relate to those moments in life when you are struggling with devotion for a significant other. The album is arranged in a precise manner, where those melancholy and heartrending songs are preceded by upbeat, catchy tunes, that even withRead MoreThe Roaring 20 s `` Changed Ella Fitzgerald s Lifestyle And Her Music1003 Words   |  5 PagesThe â€Å"Roaring 20’s† changed Ella Fitzgerald’s lifestyle and her music by providing outstanding musicians, financial struggles, and popular music leading her to become one of the most prominent singers of all time. Though life provided numerous struggles she still managed to push through and complete her childhood dreams of becoming an entertainer. Fitzgerald’s voice developed through the sty le of music in the 20’s, eminent artists vocal structure and the emotion she channeled into her music due toRead MoreElla Fitzgeralds Influences1541 Words   |  7 PagesElla Fitzgerald is known as the â€Å"First Lady of Song,† and for good reason. Throughout her career, Fitzgerald took jazz singing to new heights of fame and popularity, influencing the style of jazz and future generations of musicians. Today, her music remains well-known and loved, and her long and prolific career reflects her impeccable skill and style. Her influence is still strong today, with singers such as Adele, Mica Paris, Lady Gaga, and Lana Del Rey (BBC) citing Fitzgerald as a major influenceRead MoreElla Scatted Her Way to the Top of teh World1210 Words   |  5 Pages Ella Scatted Her Way to the Top of the World The early 1900s was a violent and horrible time to look back at. Americans have came a long way since then. America couldnt have gone through a more rough time. From racism and discrimination to the Great Depression. At the time African Americans were looked down upon by some people of different races. Hate crimes were common as well as discrimination in restaurants and other public places. A common quote from the time was â€Å"Separate but equal†Read MoreEssay about The Ultimate Collection by George Gershwin635 Words   |  3 PagesCollection by George Gershwin George Gershwins The ultimate collection, is a compilation of Gershwins greatest hits. The compilation is made out of two CDs; the first cd is Gershwins pieces sung by different jazz singers such as Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong, Bing Crosby and more#8230; The second cd, is Gerswhins famous pieces taken from musical shows such as Porgy and Bess, Rhapsody in Blue, Cuban overture, Funny face and more. FirstRead MoreBiography of Janis Siegel620 Words   |  3 PagesHollywood Bowl Tribute for Ella Fitzgerald† to which she was very eager to participant in. In March of 2008, she was asked again to pay a tribute to one of her idols in an event called, â€Å"LA Phil Presents A Tribute to Ella† in Los Angeles at the Disney Hall. In 2008, she produced and sang a tribute to Johnny Mercer which featured one of her sideline girl trio’s called JaLaLa. Then in 2010, she became a member of another group at the Kennedy Center that celebrated Ella Fitzgerald again. In today’s timeRead MoreLouis Armstrong And Duke Ellington804 Words   |  4 Pagestechnique to master because singers must be able to use their voices as instruments. So Louis Armstrong started it and after came Bing Crosby, Dizzy Gillespie and Ella Fitzgerald. Due to Louis Armstrong creation of scat we have the amazing Ella Fitzgerald who s is known as the First Lady of Song. The album that Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald created has joined The Grammys Hall Of Fame as of November 22, 2015. So, the influences that Louis Armstrong had are still here to this day. Next traitRead MoreNat King Cole s Vocal Style1434 Words   |  6 Pageswere segregated, vowed to not return to the south after being attacked during a performance, and sued hotels which denied him. Cole became the first Black man to host a television show, The Nat King Cole Show, where he hosted many guests such as Ella Fitzgerald and Tony Bennett. Ultimately the show was only on air for two years due to lack of sponsorship. Cole believed it was due to his race. Despite the fact Cole made a difference in how the public viewed African-Americans, there were times when he

Climate Changes Impact On Coral Reefs Environmental Sciences Essay Free Essays

This undertaking is given by our instructor and we were supposed to compose about the clime alterations. I decided to compose about the subject â€Å" coral reef † . I want to cognize more about coral reefs, non merely the general facts about how they look like or what sort of coloring material they have, but more about the interesting facts. We will write a custom essay sample on Climate Changes Impact On Coral Reefs Environmental Sciences Essay or any similar topic only for you Order Now Why are they of import today, how we as human ruin them and what we can to halt this procedure? As it says on International Coral Reef Initiative â€Å" For the first clip since 1998, mass coral bleaching is impacting coral reefs across a broad country of Southeast Asia and the Indian Ocean. Bleaching has been reported in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, Maldives, and parts of E Africa. I know it exists menaces against coral reefs, and I want to larn more about them and what are the effects of e.g. coral bleaching. In the quotation mark above it says that coral bleaching is increasing. Why? What are coral reefs? Coral reefs, indicated by ruddy points, are found preponderantly in tropical Waterss 30 grades north and South of the equator Coral reefs are among the oldest ecosystems in the universe. They are located 30 grades north or South of the equator, chiefly in the Indonesia and Pacific Ocean. In the Bahamas at 32 grades at that place exists an exclusion. The coral reefs can populate at that place because of the warm H2O from the Gulf of Mexico. Today the coral reefs are the largest life construction on Earth and the Great Barrier Reef is the largest individual construction in the universe Coral are single animate beings and a individual coral is called polyp. Largely the polyp live in groups of 100s to 1000s indistinguishable animate beings, and organize a â€Å" settlement † . The procedure which formed the settlement is called budding and literally the original polyp transcripts itself and the settlement grows. There exist two ways for the coral to turn either add to their limestone or reproducing. When a coral attention deficit disorder to their limestone is means that they secrete more calcium carbonate around and under their cup. The coral will so turn both upwards and outwards. The 2nd method is by reproducing either asexually or sexually. In the nonsexual manner the coral produced indistinguishable ringers or in a sexual manner by directing out sperm or eggs. Corals are divided into three different types depending on where signifier. The first one and most common is fringing reefs. They are close to the seashore and they form a boundary line to project themselves. Barrier reefs are another type and are similar to fringing reef. These besides environment land multitudes, but form a boundary line at a distance. The 3rd group of reef are called atolls and are either egg-shaped or round. They are lying off the seashore. ( See beginning 4 + 6 ) Why are corals of import? Today coral reefs are of import and necessary in the universe. Great Barrier Reef, which is the universe largest reef, stretches along the nor’-east cost of Australia. The reef consist of over 3A 000 single reef and has a length of 30A 000 kilometers. It is really possible to see it from the outer infinite. A satellite exposure of the Great Barrier Reef The reef includes 400 coral species, 2A 000 fish species and six of seven species of sea polo-necks. There are many different types of coral which have assorted colorss. ( See beginning 3 ) Why are the corals deceasing? There are many menaces to coral reefs. Some menaces are natural happening such as marauders and hurricanes. These are made of course, but because of planetary warming the menaces harmonizing to the coral reefs addition. Others menaces are made by human among them overfishing and pollutions. Consequence of coral bleaching Marauders and hurricanes are natural happening and it is difficult to make something about these happening because they happen of course, still increasing of rainfall over a long period lessening coral growing. The coral reefs need sunlight, clear H2O, seawater with a specific salt and warm H2O ( 23 – 29 grades Celsius ) to populate. However, addition in the temperature degree and altered salt affects the coral reefs severely. Merely one grade rise in temperature influences the coral. The harm is called coral bleaching and involves that the coral expels the algae which gives the coral its coloring material. Alternatively of being colorful the coral takes on a blunt white visual aspect. The algae do n’t return if the emphasis is prolonged and as a consequence the coral dies. â€Å" The bleaching is really strong throughout Southeast Asia and the cardinal Indian Ocean. The studies are that it is the worst since 1997/1998. This is a truly immense event and we are travelin g to see a batch of corals deceasing † says Dr Mark Eakin Overfishing is a menace made by human. Today many people are dependent on fish as an income and nutrient, still overfishing is a job. It affects the coral by â€Å" taking cardinal species from the marine nutrient concatenation † . Furthermore the methods used to catch fish can besides be harmful to the coral. For case 15 states use nitrile fishing which involves dumping toxicant onto reefs to stupefy fish for easier assemblage. The toxicant does n’t merely impact the fish, but besides the reefs. Another sensational method is called blast fishing, utilizing explosives to stupefy fish, and the method is used by more than 40 states. As a consequence of the detonation the coral are ripped apart and destroyed. On the other manus, addition of the H2O degree increases the thriving for harmful algae and other rivals. More rivals and harmful algae mean less infinite for the coral to growing. Likewise out of use sunlight lessening the growing for a coral and the coral can deceas e. ( See beginning 5 ) Decision â€Å" Seventy per centum of coral reefs may be gone in less than 40 old ages if the present rate of devastation continues † . This destructing procedure has to be stopped, and it needs to be shortly. Coral reefs are place to over 1 million different species and protect the coastal metropoliss. In add-on to this, coral reefs create 1000000s of occupation and unafraid income for many people in more than 100 states in the universe. However coral reefs are a nutrient beginning for the people who live near the reefs, particularly the people on little islands. Another interesting fact is that without the being of coral reefs, parts of Florida would be under H2O. ( See beginning 7 ) Beginnings hypertext transfer protocol: // parent=coral ( 06.12.2010 ) reef.htmHYPERLINK â€Å" hypertext transfer protocol: // parent=coral ( 06.12.2010 ) reef.htm A ; url=http: // † amp ; HYPERLINK â€Å" hypertext transfer protocol: // parent=coral ( 06.12.2010 ) reef.htm A ; url=http: // † url=http: // ( 06.12.2010 ) hypertext transfer protocol: // parent=coral-reef.htmHYPERLINK â€Å" hypertext transfer protocol: // parent=coral-reef.htm A ; url=http: // † amp ; HYPERLINK â€Å" hypertext transfer protocol: // parent=coral-reef.htm A ; url=http: // † url=http: // ( 06.12.2010 ) hypertext transfer protocol: // ( 06.12.2010 ) hypertext transfer protocol: // ( 06.12.2010 ) hypertext transfer protocol: // ( 06.12.10 ) hypertext transfer protocol: // ( 06.12.2010 ) How to cite Climate Changes Impact On Coral Reefs Environmental Sciences Essay, Essay examples

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Tobacco And Kids Essays - Tobacco, Smoking, Philip Morris

Tobacco and kids Tobacco Ads Target Youth Everyday 3,000 children start smoking, most them between the ages of 10 and 18. These kids account for 90 percent of all new smokers. In fact, 90 percent of all adult smokers said that they first lit up as teenagers (Roberts). These statistics clearly show that young people are the prime target in the tobacco wars. The cigarette manufacturers may deny it, but advertising and promotion play a vital part in making these facts a reality (Roberts). The kings of these media ploys are Marlboro and Camel. Marlboro uses a fictional western character called The Marlboro Man, while Camel uses Joe Camel, a high-rolling, swinging cartoon character. Joe Camel, the "smooth character" from R.J. Reynolds, who is shown as a dromedary with complete style has been attacked by many Tobacco-Free Kids organizations as a major influence on the children of America. Dr. Lonnie Bristow, AMA (American Medical Association) spokesman, remarks that "to kids, cute cartoon characters mean that the product is harmless, but cigarettes are not harmless. They have to know that their ads are influencing the youth under 18 to begin smoking"(Breo). Researchers at the Medical College of Georgia report that almost as many 6-year olds recognize Joe Camel as know Mickey Mouse (Breo). That is very shocking information for any parent to hear. The industry denies that these symbols target people under 21 and claim that their advertising goal is simply to promote brand switching and loyalty. Many people disagree with this statement such as Illinois Rep. Richard Durbin who states " If we can reduce the number of young smokers, the tobacco companies will be in trouble and they know it "(Roberts). So what do the tobacco companies do to keep their industry alive and well? Seemingly, they go toward a market that is not fully aware of the harm that cigarettes are capable of. U.S. News recently featured a discussion of the smoking issue with 20 teenagers from suburban Baltimore. The group consisted of ten boys and ten girls between the ages of 15 and 17. When asked why they started smoking, they gave two contradictory reasons: They wanted to be a part of a peer group. They also wanted to reach out and rebel at the same time. " When you party, 75 to 90 percent of the kids are smoking. It makes you feel like you belong," says Devon Harris, a senior at Woodlawn High. Teens also think of smoking as a sign of independence. The more authority figures tell them not to smoke, the more likely they are to pick up the habit (Roberts). The surprising thing is that these kids know that they are being influenced by cigarette advertising. If these kids know that this advertising is manipulating them, why do they still keep smoking? The ads are everywhere, especially in teen-oriented magazines, such as Rolling Stone and Spin. The ads also fuel some of the reasons the children gave for starting. They represent rebellion, independence, acceptance and happiness. These are all the things a young person, between childhood and adolescence, needs and desires. This type of advertising, on top of peer pressure, is the mystery behind the rise in adolescent smoking. How do we stop the future of America from smoking? Here are three things that the experts recommend. Try to convince your children that smoking is not cool. Talk to your kids at a young age about the dangers of smoking. Identify family members who smoke and ask them to stop (Thomas). Children are the most valuable commodity we are given in life. Let's try to educate them while they're young to be independent thinkers and to not be swayed by the tobacco companies who are trying to take advantage of their mind and body. --- Works Cited "Bill Clinton vs. Joe Camel." U.S. News & World Report. 2 Sep. 1996: 12. Infotrac. Online. 27 Oct. 1996. "Selling Tobacco to Kids." America. 17 Feb. 1996: 3. Infotrac. Online. 27 Oct. 1996. Roberts, Steven. " Teens on tobacco; kids smoke for reasons all their own." U.S. News & World Report. 18 Apr. 1996: 38. Infotrac. Online. 27 Oct. 1996. Thomas, Roger E. "10 steps to keep the children in your practice nonsmokers." American Family Physician. Aug.